Linley Sanders

A data journalist focused on breaking news, political reporting, and women-focused issues.

About Linley

Hey there! I’m a political data journalist at YouGov where I tell stories that include charts, maps, and various graphics. In September 2018, I graduated from Columbia Journalism School's Lede Program for data journalism with analysis skills in Python, R, SQL, web scraping, QGIS mapping, and interactive graphics.

Previously, I've worked for Newsweek as a Staff Writer, as well as earned bylines at The Associated Press as a legislative relief reporter. In 2016, I covered the presidential election for Teen Vogue and attended the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention to lead on-the-ground digital coverage. During the 2018 Midterms, I worked as the lead catcher for ProPublica's Electionland newsroom.

You can see my bylines throughout ProPublicaTeen Vogue, Newsweek, MTVNews, The Associated Press, and The Kansas City Star. Through writing people’s stories, I’ve been writing my own, and I’m hopefully just getting started.