Linley Sanders

A journalist with experience in breaking news, political reporting, and data visualization.

About Linley

I’m a journalist with a passion for state legislative trends and data visualization. I began working for Newsweek as a Staff Writer in September 2017. Previously, I worked as a Legislative Reporter for The Associated Press, covered the 2016 election for Teen Vogue, and attended the 2016 Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention.

At Newsweek, I build interactive maps and graphics to showcase trends in state polices while spearheading enterprise reporting. I've immersed myself in iOS and Android app development, learned Python to enhance data reporting, and created multimedia content for Teen Vogue,, and The Kansas City Star. If I don't know a software or platform, I'll happily learn it.

You can see my bylines with Newsweek, The Associated Press, The Washington PostTeen VogueThe Kansas City Star, KC Ink Magazine, and The Knot.

Through writing people’s stories, I’ve been writing my own, and I’m just getting started.